The graduates employment quality of SXRI is first in the higher vocational colleges in Shannxi Province.


On June 26, the 2018 Evaluation Report on Graduates Employment Quality Index of Shaanxi Universities and Professional graduates was released. Shaanxi Railway Institute is the only college whose employment quality assessment grade is A+ among 58 higher vocational colleges in the province and ranks the first in the higher vocational colleges of the province. The employment rate and average monthly income are also the first.

The Report is a report on the employment quality index evaluation of colleges and professional graduates in domestic province. The report provides the evaluation indicators of the employment quality index of colleges and universities and professional graduates in Shaanxi, and selects five indicators including the employment rate, turnover rate, income level and professional matching degree of graduates. It establishes the evaluation indicator system of employment quality index of colleges and universities and professional graduates in Shaanxi, and calculated employment quality index of higher vocational graduates of 50 undergraduate colleges, 202 undergraduate majors,58 higher vocational colleges and 134 higher vocational college graduates. Based on the employment quality index of colleges and professional graduates, the employment quality of colleges and universities in Shaanxi province is ranked and sorted.

In recent years, the institute has fully depended on China Railway Engineering Corporation, China railway construction corporation, China Communications Construction and various railway operation administrations, led the establishment of Shaanxi Railway Construction Vocational Education Group, and established a “five-sphere integrated plan” school-enterprise cooperation in running school  council dominated by government and enterprise joining. It has established a four-level docking operation mechanism of “college docking group company, department docking branch company, professional teaching and research department docking project department, professional teacher docking engineering technicians”, and set up close school-enterprise cooperation and talent supply and demand relationship with more than 300 state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises. It is known as the demonstration base for the training technical talents in the railway industry. The employment rate of graduates has kept above 96% for 12 consecutive years. They rapidly grow into the technical backbone and management backbone in the railway industry because of their hard work, of value, going on long and well done.The institute sticks to the guidance of starting business and employment-oriented, and comprehensively builds a five employment system including standardization of employment management, systematization of employment guidance,kind employment services, networked employment information , and full employment participation. The employment of graduates of 2017 continued to maintain a good momentum. The initial employment rate reached 97.06%, and 87.39% of graduates were employed in large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises. The employment rate and employment quality of graduates steadily ranked first in the province's higher vocational colleges. (Party Committee Propaganda Department)