Opening Ceremony of the 35th Track Meet and Sports Festival


    On the afternoon of April 17, the Opening Ceremony of the 35th Track Meet and Sports Festival of our institute was held at the two campuses at the same time. Wang Jin, President of the Institute, Che Xuwu, Deputy secretary of the Institute Party Committee, Yang Yunfeng, Deputy secretary of the Institute Party Committee and secretary of the Institute Discipline Inspection Commission, Vice Presidents Wang Chuang, Jiao Shengjun, Li Linjun, and the heads of administration and teaching departments attended the opening ceremony of Lin Wei and Gao Xin Campus respectively. Duan Dongxu, director of the Party and Government Office, and Liu Zhe, director of the Student Affairs Office, hosted the opening ceremony of the two campuses.

    In the march-in ceremony, students and teachers of each department enter the scene in turn, showing the enterprising and happy sports spirit of our institute.

    At the opening ceremony, Che Xuwu and Li Linjun delivered speeches at the two campuses respectively. They said that the Institute pays high attention to physical education, comprehensively promotes quality education, promotes the all-round development of students' moral, intellectual, and artistic development, and creates a civilized, healthy and harmonious campus atmosphere. In 2018, the institute hosted large-scale sport events such as the SXRI Cuptable tennis friendly match, and won many championships in various sports competitions at the provincial level. At the same time, the institute strengthens physical education and actively advocates everyone to participate in sports competitions and activities. In the last part of the ceremony, the leaders hoped that all athletes can achieve excellent results, wished the 35th Track Meet and Sports Festival all success.

    The eight departments of the institute brought a wonderful group gymnastics performance in turn. The students frequently changed the style, and some put the words Fu and 70. They used new ideas and wonderful performances for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, also won the applause of the audience.

   The 35th Track Meet and Sports Festival lasted for two days. Nearly 10,000 teachers and students participated in the sports meet. The Student sports programs include track and field events, basketball, football, aerobics and other interesting sport events. The faculty and staff sports programs include track and field events and interesting sport projects.

The event has greatly encouraged the sports enthusiasm of all teachers and students, and it has great significance to strengthening the construction of campus spiritual civilization and improving the quality of campus culture.