Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute came to Shaanxi Railway Institute for inspection and exchange


    On the morning of April 25, Liu Wenqing, the chairman of the Labor Union of Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, and his party came to our Institute for inspection and exchange. Yang Yunfeng, deputy secretary of our Institute Party Committee, secretary of Institute Discipline Inspection Commission, leaders of the Institute Labor Union,  and leaders of the Academic Affairs Office (informatization construction and management center) had a discussion and exchange with the guests.

     Yang Yunfeng delivered a welcome speech and introduced the current development situation of our institute. Huang Yuexiang, vice chairman of the labor union of our Institute, introduced the informatization construction of our institute’s labor union and the construction of the smart Labor Union. Wang Chuanhe, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office, introduced the implementation of the informatization work of the labor union in our institute and the working ideas for promoting the construction of smart labor union.

     The two sides discussed in depth the informatization construction of labor union work and the construction of smart labor union. Liu Wenqing introduced the experience of labor union work in Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, and gived valuable suggestions for the informatization construction of labor union and the construction of smart labor union. He also expressed his willingness to jointly explore the construction of Internet + labor union in the new era together with Shaanxi Railway Institute.

     The two sides also exchanged views on the following aspects: the daily work, the management of the funds, and the further development of the labor union, and other key works of the institute. (Zhang Wei / Text  Wang Kai / Picture)