Fang Guanghua, Wang Jin and Andronchev Ivan jointly unveiled the Samara Transport School of Shaanxi Railway Institute


    On May 11, the 4th Silk Road Education Cooperation and Exchange Conference hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education was held in Xi'an. During the Conference, Fang Guanghua, vice-governor of Shaanxi Province, Wang Jin, president of Shaanxi Railway Institute(SXRI), and Andronchev Ivan, president of the Samara State Transport University, jointly unveiled the Samara Transport School of Shaanxi Railway Institute.

   Samara Transport School of Shaanxi Railway Institute is the first Provincial higher vocational cooperative school in province Shaanxi. It started to recruit students in 2019. At present, it has set up four majors including high-speed railway engineering technology, is three academic school year. In the third academic year, you can apply to study in Russia if you can pass the exam. You can also choose to continue studying at SXRI. Those who have passed the test and meet the graduation requirements can obtain the diplomas issued by the two universities.

     The exchange meeting invited representatives from more than 20 foreign embassies and consulates including Russia and a number of overseas universities to discuss and exchange. In the booth, the exhibition showed the achievements of our school in international cooperation and exchanges in recent years. In particular, the technical training of Kenyan Inner Mongolia Railway, the Sino-Russian cooperative education school, selected as one of the top 50 for the international influence of higher vocational colleges in 2017. Representatives from foreign institutions came to consult and learn about our Institute. The exchange meeting has expanded the international influence of SXRI and provided opportunities for further international cooperation. (Li Qikang / Text  Yang Guang / picture)