Chaoyang University of Technology visited Shaanxi Railway Institute


    On May 8, Dr. Yu Wende, Assistant Vice President and International Director of Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan, was invited to visit our Institute. We held a symposium at Linwei Campus to discuss the selection of more teachers and students to study in Taiwan. Wang Chuang, Vice President of SXRI, attended the meeting, the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Tiecheng Innovation Institute, and the representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting.

    At the symposium, Wang Chuang introduced the achievements of the international cooperation of SXRI in recent years. Our institute has selected more than 420 teachers and students to study in Germany, Australia, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries (regions). Especially since 2018, more than 30 teachers and students have been sent to Taiwan for training to improve their comprehensive quality.

    Yu Wende thanked to our Institute for paying attention to the training work in Taiwan. He said that he would take this return visit as an opportunity to organize teachers and students to come to SXRI for study and gradually expand the scope of cooperation, especially in professional teaching, BIM application, innovation and entrepreneurship. Later, Zhang Libao and Mao Junjie, representatives of teachers who have studied in Taiwan, shared their training achievements at Chaoyang University of Technology.

    After the meeting, Yu Wende made a BIM technology application research report in both Campus of SXRI. (Li Qikang / Text  Yang Guang, Jiao Zhilong / Picture)