Representative of the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in China and her entourage came to Shaanxi Railway Institute for inspection and exchange


  On May 20, Dr. Luo Zhuojun, representative of the MUST in China, and her entourage visited Shaanxi Railway Institute. Meeting was held in the conference room on the third floor in the high-tech campus.The head of the Division for International Cooperation and Exchanges presided over the conference.

    Before the meeting, the guests watched the institute propaganda film and learned about the recent developments in the campus culture construction, education and teaching achievements, overseas technical training, and Sino-foreign cooperative education. During the meeting, the two sides discussed the intercollegiate exchange of teachers and students, students’ study for bachelor's and master's degrees, teachers’ Study for doctorates or PhD degree and so on. Both sides hope to achieve cooperation as soon as possible. Later, the guests visited the China Railway Development History Museum, Dou Tiecheng Museum and training bases of high-speed rail, tunnels, shields and so on. Dr. Luo Zhuojun and her entourage highly appreciated the school's philosophy of inheriting railway culture, attaching importance to practical teaching and purchasing training equipment.

   After the meeting, Dr. Luo Zhuojun sent an invitation to our institute on behalf of the MUST to welcome the teachers and students to Malaysia for study and exchange. (Li Qikang )