The Russian foreign teacher is using online teaching for the students of SXRI from thousands of miles away


The Russian foreign teacher is using online teaching

        On March 6 afternoon, The Russian foreign teacher, Alexander, he accepted school online teaching task initiatively. Even he is in Russia and far away from China He still overcomed jet lag, he is teaching all the students from Samara Transport School of oral russian with QQ Class. Drawing more than 100 students for study. Students are really into his class and Alexander made satisfactory achievement.

        During Alexander's online class, he was according to the current living environment, with introduction to his own room and introduction to own hobby as the topic to let students practice. He reviewed  new words and long difficult sentence patterns from last term. He also encouraged students to speak Russian, rising in repeated dialogue and communication. I hope all the students who stayed at home will defend COVID-19 and practice the basic skills of Russian learning, listen more, speak more, read more and write more.

        In order to guide the students to speak with the foreign teachers actively and cherish every opportunity to practice oral Russian, the Russian teaching team of the college actively debugging software, the whole process of translation, for the classroom interaction between Chinese and Russian teachers and students to do a lot of auxiliary work, to help students quickly get the learning state. 

      In order to further implement the college's "extension of the suspension of teaching without suspension" call. Since this week, Samara Transport School opening oral Russian training class, four lessons per week, taught by Russian foreign teachers in Russia through online implementation. Enhancing students Russian level and preparing for study overseas in the future.(Qikang Li)