Letters and calls from cooperative Universities in Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan to SXRI


        Recently, during the prevention and defend of COVID - 19 by faculty and students, many overseas cooperative Universities and friends from Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan all sent letters and calls to express their sincere respect and best wishes to the faculty for their efforts in the prevention and defend of the epidemic.

Letter from President of Samara Transport School

        Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools partner--------Samara State Transport University, The President affirmed the party and the government in the letter about the epidemic prevention and defend of a series of major initiatives. He wished the Chinese people will have a quick victory over the outbreak, he said even the current situation is kind of rough but does not affect the two schools of cooperation and deep friendship, he is looking forward to enhacing our collaboration after the outbreak.

        Our old friends------Mr. Moussa, chief expert of Asian Railway Center of Kuala Lumpur Construction University, he record the video when he heard COVID-19. He Cheered for the Chinese people's fight against the epidemic. He expressed his sadness for the current epidemic. He hoped that all of you would be strong, United and deal with it together. He sincerely wished the teachers and students of the college peace, health and happiness.

        Two Universities in Taiwan-------Chaoyang University of science and technology and Universal University of science and technology, they pointed out in their letters that after the outbreak of the epidemic, people's hearts on both sides of the Strait are always affected. At present, it is a critical period for prevention and control. They are willing to work together with teachers and students of the college to overcome difficulties, resume normal work and operation as soon as possible, and wait for in-depth exchanges and cooperation after the spring warm flowers come into bloom.

        In addition, the college also received the blessing videos from Mr. Michael, Mr. Judd, Mr. Gregory, Mr. Alexander and other foreign teachers from the United States who are confident in China's victory over the epidemic, and appreciate the college's rapid response and execution of epidemic prevention and control.They wish every teacher and student good health and work well! (Li qikang)