Shaanxi Railway Institute held the second inspection group of the Provincial Education Work Committee inspection school Party Committee feedback meeting


According to the work arrangement of the second inspection group of the Education Work Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, on July 1st, Shaanxi Railway Institute held the second inspection group of the Education Work Committee of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee in the academic report Hall of Linwei Campus. Liu Zhentao, member of the education work Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and head of the discipline inspection and supervision group in the Education Department of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection was attended the meeting and made a speech. Xu Shangnian, the leader of the second inspection group of the Education and Work Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Ma Bin, the second-level researcher of the organization Department of the Education and Work Committee of the Provincial Party Committee were attended the feedback meeting. Secretary of the party committee, Wang Hui presided over the meeting and made a statement.

In his speech, Liu Zhentao put forward three clear requirements for Shaanxi Railway Institute to do a good job in the next step of inspection and rectification work: First, improve the political position, effectively enhance the political consciousness of inspection and rectification.The Party committee of the School conscientiously strengthens the thought and action consciousness of inspection and rectification, and pays attention to rectification with highly responsible attitude and practical measures.Two is to tamp the political responsibility, to ensure that the rectification is effective, effectively strengthen the organization and leadership, to stamp, grasp iron marks of the hard and tough, strengthen the implementation of the rectification main responsibility.The party committee of the Institute should strengthen the overall planning of the rectification of the inspection and supervision, supervision and guidance, to ensure that the rectification of the inspection and supervision can be tracked, evaluated and accountable;Three is to keep fighting concentration to sober understanding complex combat corruption situation is still grim, closely seize the inspector found the problem, the word yan long-term stick and a consistent, steadfast, active claim feedback, true stone, true reflection, responsible, practical and solve the various problems in the process of school development.

Xu Shangnian pointed out in the feedback that after inspection, the Party Committee of Shaanxi Railway Institute is not in place to implement the President's responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, and there is still a gap to comprehensively strengthen the leadership of the Party.The ideological construction is not strong, the responsibility system of ideological work is not enough, and the vacancy of counselors is large.The organization of intraparty political activities is not standardized, the system of organizational life is not strictly enforced, and the role of Party organizations is not sufficiently played.The outflow of talents is serious, the introduction of high-level talents is not obvious, and the construction of teachers' ethics is not in place. Discipline inspection and supervision teams are weak. At the same time, the inspection team has also received reports of problems involving some Party members and leading cadres, and has been handed over to the relevant departments for handling in accordance with regulations.

Wang Hui said that the feedback from the inspection team not only confirmed the school's achievements in party building and other aspects, but also pointed out the existing problems. The opinions and Suggestions are completely in line with the school's reality, and have a very important guiding significance for accelerating the development of the school. For the problems pointed out by the patrol team, the school Party committee fully agreed, according to the list of all, complete rectification.First, we need to improve our political standing, unify our thinking, and strengthen our political consciousness through inspection and rectification. Second, we should focus on the weak spots of problems, make immediate changes, and effectively carry out inspections and rectification work. Three is the actual contact work, promote each other, and strengthen inspector achievements transformation is applied, the normalized epidemic prevention and control and accelerate the double test of combination construction, firmly grasp the inspector rectification work of the new requirements of the new situation, to promote the rectification work and school career development together, seize every minute, should strive to write a new chapter, pursued beyond school new era to make new greater contribution of Shaanxi vocational education.

Members of the Party Committee, discipline inspection Committee, trade union, academic committee, cadres at or above the deputy department level and personnel with the title of deputy high attended the meeting.(Wang Kaiping/ Author Wangkai/ Photo)