Shaanxi Railway Institute holds pre job training for new teachers in 2020


In order to better implement the opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on comprehensively deepening the reform of teachers' team construction in the new era. Building up the teachers' ethics, training and personnel management, promoting the high-quality development of teacher education and deepen the reform and innovation of teacher management. From July 1 to July 8, the school held the first stage of 2020 new teachers' pre job training, which is divided into education and teaching training. The purpose of the two links is to enhance the rapid change of the role of new teachers and better integrate into the new position.

On July 1, when the party's 99th birthday, the school held a grand opening ceremony of pre job training for new recruits. Through watching school documentary, speeches by new teachers' representatives and leaders' speeches, the new teachers are full of expectations for the training courses to be ushered in, and their hearts are surging for their new roles, posts, challenges and life journey.

From July 2 to July 7, Professor Wang Hui, Secretary of the Party committee of the Institute, Professor Wang Jin, President, heads of functional departments and representatives of excellent teachers gave lectures to new teachers, so that new teachers can further understand the general situation and development process of the school. Through learning demonstration courses, full-time teachers and counselors can be more familiar with curriculum preparation, teaching design and student management. 

Patriotism education is an important aspect of the construction of teachers' morality and style. On July 8, the school organized all the new teachers to visit Xi Zhongxun's former residence and patriotism education base to commemorate the great leader of the party and the state by paying homage to the statue of Xi Zhongxun, visiting his former residence and bowing to his cemetery. Through understanding the history of the revolutionary ancestors' hard struggle, the new teachers can bear in mind the party's mission, do their own work well, and contribute their own strength to the national education.          

     Pre job training for new teachers is not only a challenge, but also a miniature of hard work in the future. Through this training, each new teacher has a lot of experience, full of harvest, and full of confidence in the coming work. Next, we will enter the stage of personal research and expert guidance in summer to further improve the professional quality and ability of new teachers in teaching and student management. (Wei Chao / Author Zhao Xukun / Photo)