20-21 students apartment building in High-tech Campus of Shaanxi Railway Institute has been put into use successfully


The acceptance meeting of 20-21 students apartment building in high tech campus (West District) of Shaanxi Railway Institute was held in the conference room of the construction site Project Department on Aug28th morning. The infrastructure department organized the new office, the student office, the state owned Assets Department, the logistics department, the financial department, the supervision and audit department and other internal departments, together with the construction unit and the supervision unit, formed an acceptance team to carry out the delivery and use acceptance of the 20-21 students apartment building. Vice president Zhang Xuegang attended the acceptance meeting and made a speech.

The on-site acceptance is divided into two groups of civil construction and installation, which conduct on-the-spot inspection on the construction, structure, decoration, electrical, water supply and drainage, HVAC engineering and other professional projects of the two apartments respectively.Formed qualified quality, agreed to use the acceptance of delivery.

Finally, Zhang Xuegang said that the completion and delivery of no. 20-21 student apartment will further improve the school's operating conditions. He affirmed the quality of the project and expressed his gratitude to all departments and personnel involved in the project construction on behalf of the school.

The 20-21 students apartment building are 5-story brick and concrete structure with a building area of 20647.6m2, which can accommodate more than 2,500 students. It will be completed on June 20, 2020.Since the completion of the project, the relevant departments of the college have completed the installation and debugging of furniture, network, direct drinking water and other related supporting facilities, which have reached the occupancy standard. The students of the High speed Railway School will move in in early September.(Zhu Yong)