Teachers of Shaanxi Railway Institute participate in the review of national railway vocational education teaching standards


From August 2nd to August 14th, invited by the National Teaching Steering Committee for Railway Vocational Education, our colleges associate professor Li Xiaoyan from Railway signal automatic control major and associate professor Xia Xuegang from Railway communication and information technology major went to Beijing for participation in the examination and approval of guidance standards for the building of relevant majors. At the internal review conference for profession standards, and according to the requirements of the steering committee, they reviewed the guidance standards for building the Railway signal automatic control major and Railway communication and information technology major, and formulated or improved the course standards for over 60 related courses including public basic courses, professional basic courses, professional core courses and practice courses, etc. The fact that our teachers were invited to the reviewing and detailing of profession building standards and curriculum guidance standards for the majors related to railway signal and railway communication for national vocational colleges and universities, has marked that our college is and will be exerting important influence on the building of related majors. At the same time, this conference is a key platform for our college to communicate and discuss with our brother colleges and some enterprises and learn from each other.